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Rewind; back to 15.01~
Tuesday, February 17, 2009
3:59 AM

Hooray. Hooray. Hooray!
Kayaking this friday, are you on?.

I'm looking forward to this day; days when my class friends get together for activities. It will definitely pull us closer together as one, and the bond among us will definitely be stronger. However, there are some who decided not to go, and that is a pity. (Anyway, hopefully it turns out fine). *excited*

Okayz, back to the purpose of this post;
PEEKTURES post... (as you get to know my coolzx friends!)

The other day at Peranakan museum;

with SID0701;
Yeez! I will like to show off my friends who had went through year one with me, who are going through year 2 with me, and who will be going through year 3 with me. We had struggled; we are struggling and we will struggle as one.

Guess who's this,

She's Nerissa, the girl with an attractive smile.
And behind her is Jasmine,the peace girl! HEEZ.
(I'm the love girl)

Next to Jasmine is Chinwei (the tall girl with the best drawing!)

Together with Nerissa, they're (left) Ain, Lisa, Vivian and (right) Jannah.
Ain, the hippest girl. Lisa, the naughty girl. Vivian, the fairest lady. Jannah, the pretty lady.

And above on the right is Serena, the nice girl who can be bully, HA!
(I didn't bully her, Mervin is the one.. oops.)

Beside Serena is Shufen, the girl whose face turn red easily.
(Try teasing her with Mervin.. :P)
And next to Shufen is Weoimin, the oldest boss.
(Serena call him lao ren)

And that is Mervin (on the left), the boy who is a bully and who got bully, lol.
(ahem, the girls bully him. I didn't)

That's about all. But I did miss out some yea'





Why so serious?!. Hahaha.

Okayz, ciaos~

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