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The night is young;
Saturday, February 14, 2009
5:18 AM

The presentation and project screwed up, :'(

During the presentation, I was tensed up so I went slow in explaining my work. But things turned out badly, because the slower I spoke, the more questions they asked me (even before I finished the presentation). I answered the questions to my understanding, and yet they came out with more, till the end when I broke down into tears. It was very embarrassing, but I could not control it anymore. (I'm not the only one who cried.)

Since the past 2 weeks, I had been holding back the tears, putting in more effort in the work. But when this effort goes to the drain, all I really hope to do is to cry it out.

I know I did not do very very badly. But I'm very unsure if I will still be graded A. My class lecturers were rather pleased with my work. Especially Sean who mentioned that my work are completed. He said he is fine with every part of the work, except the choice of my fonts. I agreed with him for that, as he said we have to be sensitive to every little part of the work. My bad for that. Larry's expression seemed okay with the work, and he tried to help me when the lecturers pulled me down. He even took a photo of my furniture model, just like the previous semester when he tried videoing the interior of the model. I hoped my lecturers will push me up. The other lecturers gave me questions and comments.. it is not that bad either. But hai, something seems to pierce through my heart when thing goes worst.

Anyway.. after the cry, Larry was nice to ask me if I am feeling better. Rostinaar and Zalina also. Srsly, I do understand that the lecturers are not trying to pinpoint me. They are pushing me further; a step up, and they want me to understand certain things. Okay, it is over.

But of course, I still have more projects on the way.

Presentations ended. A few of us (Chinwei Huiqian James Jasmine Jiaqi Lisa Serena) were chatting about old school games, childhood memories, etc while heading to Thomsons for our meals. After lunch, I brought them to Icekimo..! My favourite.

Then I rushed to town for appointment. One hour plus later, I went to meet Jasmine, Lisa and Serena. Then, we met up with Nerissa and Shufen as well as Madelyn. We had dinner together at Soup Restaurant. The food is good, and I found out I do not like olive rice, ha!

Left: Jiaqi, Shufen, Serena, Lisa, Nerissa, Madelyn, Jasmine;

*Cheers* to the completion of Year 2 Studio;

Then to Bobby's for drinking, (where I got scratched on my right feet and the bone hurts, :(). Lots of laughterzxzx. I was very interested in the games Nerissa was trying on us, hehehe! Hit 12:00am, and by the time we noticed it was too late for us to catch a bus/train. So we decided to go for a movie at Cathay.

*Cheers* to us single ladies;

Slumdog. I find the show a drag (maybe because I was tired). And also, the violent scene is a disgust to me. I hate to see the pain they went through. But at least, I was glad to see a happy ending. And at the end of the movie, Lisa got restless and started to do dance etc. Hell lotsa laughter.

Srsly, the time spent with them was awesome! These memorable days will be keep close and deep in the heart. They made my days. Lotsa love. (heart*)

Before I end off, Happy Valentine's Day. *wink*

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