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Gambling is addictive, so is facebook. (Ruined)
Monday, February 2, 2009
1:15 PM

Down on luck...

January is over, and here comes February.

Brother Derrick,

Our mother,

1st of February, I lose 80 bucks in gambling (blackjack). First round with the teens, I lose 40 bucks of the ang baos and borrowed 30 bucks from dad. And because I wanna "earn" 30 bucks to return my dad, I went for second round with the adults, with my leftover 14 bucks ang baos. Yeah' I have 34 bucks so I decided to return dad the money. And with the 4 bucks, I continued gambling owing my brother 30 bucks. Lol! It is sooooo addictive. I stopped playing only when both my brother and I got no cash with us, and dad is also at the brick of losing. Baad luck.

Never mind.

Now I'm addicted to Facebook Word Challenge, and had been neglecting my Studio since last friday. Hai, studio. I keep reminding myself not to give up, but I'm very struck at the Rhinoceros drawing as my idea was not clearly to myself. HOW! Submission is on this friday, and sch holidays will be around the corner. I want to get over Studio, I want the holiday.


Update 02.02 09:18pm/
Not enough memory.. I tried to do the work. But things does not go well. WHY LIKE THIS?! It piss me off with such a bad lag. I stared... and my work disappeared showing the desktop. WHATHELL!!!

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