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Nothing beats this happy moment, together!
Friday, February 27, 2009
10:50 PM

Some days back... I was wandering if true friends do exist, or maybe is she/he my true friend? Many should have ponder over these questions. But not many have the answer.

But then again, for me, I do know who are my faithful friends and who are not. Although they may not be with me 24 hours, but I do keep them deep inside my heart. Knowing that I need them to share my happiness/sadness, as well as being my greatest supports in life. I do appreciate them, and I truly can feel their care and love.

However, IMO... if there is no understanding and respect between friends, the friendship will never grow to the best. It is just my expectation for friends, good friends.

That's my thinking, so plz keep whatever comment you have to yourself.

On a side note, my family is having financial difficulty. And I srsly need a job. To earn myself a living or rather a brighter future. My sch is offering to send us to Suzhou for project with the students, it is sort of an exchange programme, and I am interested. However, I realised that dad's business is not going well, and my parents prolly cannot afford the sum. It is not expensive though, but since economy is bad, their accounts are dried out... hai. It made me feel worst, as I prolly am not eligible for government subsidy. Wtf, unfair!!! Put yourself in my situation..! Whats more talking about going to Uni to further study..... *tears*


Money keep me down, badly. I ruined the 'supposed to be' happy shopping time today. I stepped out of the house, with the thought of 'are you not guilty that your parents are loaning money and there you are planning to spend on wear'. And for the whole day, I did not get a single shit.! Though online shopping b. tempted me... 'I do need more to wear'. I think Kaixin was surprised that I did not spend a single cent for shopping. Like OMGoodness, this is so not me man! *sigh*

Luckily, the day was brighten up after.....

P E E K - A - BOO! P E E K - A - BOO! P E E K - A - BOO! :O

Sister, you rock!

OKAYZ. Later in the morning, I will be going to SPCA. Hmm, I am unsure if I am right to agree with my family to own a dog. I meant we cannot afford him.. but I know my youngest bro really want it. If I disagree with him because I need the money to go Suzhou, then I prolly am very selfish. I am so confuse! So so confuse...

Oh!, and yesterday trip to Dempsey was cancelled. I was disappointed as I looked forward to drinking night with the mates. I bet many of them are. But the night ends well, after catching an exciting show, Bloody Valentine!... be mine forever!

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