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In a blink of an eye, it is 2009.
Friday, January 2, 2009
1:17 AM

Say goodbye to 2008,

Reminiscing back I really went through ups and downs,
but it made me a stronger person I'm today.
I am thankful to my awesome family and friends,
who brought me through those bad times.
If not for them,
I am clueless how will I be now.

And in 2008, I have learnt "To gain something, you have to lose something".

So if you will to ask me if I have any regret(s), my answer will be only doubts, no regret.

Happy new year eve,

Another memorable new year eve!
This new year eve is equally as fun as last.

We celebrated Wennjet's birthday at Sentosa Resort.
Barbecue food #1, 'cause we have Melvin and elder bro there.

I brought along my polaroid and,
tadahs~ we had around 10 shots.
It is a bomb manzxzx!
But at least, everyone do have fun with the shots.

Again, I wish Wennjet happy 18th birthday!

Wennjet and his girlfriend, Mingyi.

Wennjet and girl friends.

Wennjet and us.

Junwei, Jiaqi, Melvin, Wennjet, Mingyi, Derrick, Joanne, Chunlong, Jianghua, Wayne..

Bros and I ♡ ♡ ♡

Bros and friends.

Joanne. Jiaqi. Mingyi. Rachel.

Wennjet and Derrick.

Jiang jiang jiang jiang.

Welcoming 2009,

When the clock strike 12,
everyone had an enjoyable time "bombing" one and other.
I was the cleanest and safest till the end when Junwei sprayed me.

Unforgettable moment!
Happy New Year Everyone.

And it was Joanne's friend, Rachel's birthday on the 01.01.
Happy Birthday Rachel!

The guys jumped into the pool,
and me protected their valuables.

Wash up and time to gamble.
I won I won! :P

And at around 3 - 4 in the midnight,
some suggested to go to a "haunted" house.
So I go along...
Not what I expected, only that the lighting gave a scary feel.
We guess it used to be a hospital, whatever.

Back to resort and I hit straight to the 'bed'.

... oops, it is getting late now. I'm going to bed. Bye!
& oh ya' it is not me to have any resolution(s), I never use to have.

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