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OX *hugs and kisses*
Monday, January 26, 2009
10:51 AM

... I Wish everyone a Happy Chinese (牛) Year! (drop me your greeting too)

I thought last CNY was the worst, having relationship hiccup. But I'm wrong, this year is the worst. At least last CNY I did enjoy myself with the family, but I guess not this year. N I G H T M A R E! Not because of the festival, people, gathering, ang baos, food, etc. BUT because of that bloody (Killme!) Studio Proj. I srsly feel like throwing it aside and enjoy myself on this festival. Giving myself the deserved holiday. But no, I prolly will be bringing my laptop over to my grandmother's place, hoping to do something to the proj. I d k if I will even open the Rhinoceros window to do the drawing, maybe I will join the people in gambling, lol.

People, do you know why I hope so much for your greetings?. Because I don't feel the festival mood yet. The mood is spoil by my proj. And maybe because we have not do home visiting. So you know what to do now, drop me a tag... hahaha. Also it will be a double happiness if you can click on my nuff ad (left hand corner). I meant if I got another 25 bucks from the ads within this 15 days of festival, I will get a big ang bao from Nuff lo. (Looking forward to receive my first cheque, but seems like a long way to go) If you're a Nuffnanger, you will know what I meant. And nuffnangers, leave me your links too, I will drop by to greet you, hehe.

Oh well, back to drawing my structure and layout plan.

I'm not sad, just s t r e s s.

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