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Break the bad thought of mine
Sunday, January 4, 2009
10:19 AM


After the day at Sentosa Resort, I went home the next afternoon on the New Year. Caught my sleep and woke up for late lunch. Unknowingly, I let go of the plastic bowl and it landed on the floor. The leftover soup splashed out. Panic. Luckily, it was the leftover and I managed to clear the mess before mum spot it.

And I spent the day doing the package for my grp proj. It is wonderful to have dad by my side helping me, but he got inpatient easily and will start his nagging. Grr! I still managed to complete the package but I think I screwed up as it kinda differ from the Rhinoceros drawing.

The next day I dare not bring out the package to let the grp members have a look. Surprisingly, they said it was quite well done. Phew! We had our presentation, and yey' we did it. At least I was glad Larry do like the package. Stayed in sch for proj and assignment.

Headed home to catch my sleep, and when I woke up, I had a sore throat, :( Did not bother, but I just skipped my dinner.

The next day which was the 3rd day, it got worse. I felt sickly. And worst, the weather is not on my side, I felt cold and had to wear layers. I still have to straight up for my assignment. But when I managed to draw an ashtray with Rhinoceros drawing, I was delighted and forgot about how weak I was.

Hit the bed at around 1 midnight, and I had to toss and turn till I sleep. Before I felt asleep, I prayed that I will be fine in the morning. I seriously scare of being sick. I hate seeing the doctor, I hate the medicines.

I remember how weak I was when I was sick. I could not bring myself out of the house to visit the clinic. I dragged myself into the lift and squished down. I forced myself to walk but I could not, so mum had to call dad down to peggybank me. I vomitted the medicines out, because I hate it. And it took me almost a week to recover.

Now, please heal me. Let me recover...

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