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H a t e dateline.
Sunday, January 25, 2009
8:08 PM

Dear Journal,

Today is Chinese New Year Eve. I'll be having Reunion dinner with the Family soon. Dad, Mum, & Bro Lex are preparing the food now, & here I'm. I've been neglecting this space due to datelines. Digital modelling & rendering of kitchen; Entrepreneurship; Elements of space design on shopping arcade are done, but not Studio proj. (Be right back)

(Update) Designing & modelling of T e c t o n i c s (Skin and Bones); Furniture designing & modelling as well; Layout planning & modelling; Digital rendering; Pboards; Material board; Ppt are the requirements for this semester... & the dateline is on 29.01, after Chinese New Year, which meant I only have less than 75 hrs (include the hrs for visiting & gathering tml & the day after tml).

I prolly cannot complete the requirements on time, because now I only have a model of the tectonics (& mum said I'm not allow to sweep the floor till the 27.01, which meant no modelling of furniture, grr). It is only 1/16 done, omgosh! It is very impossible. But I will be very satisfy if 3/4 of the work is done. If not, there goes my aim for A. Actually I hoped for distinction, hai.

R a n t R a n t R a n t. With the level of stress I'm having now, the best thing is to rant it OUT! Anyway, I'm glad I've my family support, especially my parents.

During the past few weeks of rushing, my health has been deteriorating. I kept myself awake overn i g h t because I do things really s l o w (at the speed of the tortoise, lol). So if you gonna message me late at night, don't be surprise to receive my reply, unless I doze off, haha. And also, over this period of time, I came to learn of many things.. I gonna be more independent!

O K O K. I'm suppose to be doing my work now, so time to close internet window to Rhinoceros window. Good luck to my fellow SID0701 and of course myself.

(Dominick, I know you know, haha. Thanks friend.)

(Back in touch with Mingwei, this world is indeed small.)

I miss sisters, girlfriends, and more friends!!! Catch up with you people soon.

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR READERS! (don't forget to wish me too, haha)

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