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Your little finger (pinky) tells you your strengths and weaknesses...?
Friday, December 26, 2008
11:59 PM

Your last fingers are your little fingers, also known as pinky.
Pinky, oh pinky,
may tells where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

Take note! I myself don't know if it is true.. you can choose to believe or you can choose not to, :D

Update 26.12 1:03am/
Oh crap, I dragged from 11am to now doing this & that; this & that; nothing. Actually I got a bad cramp earlier on. B. painfully, but luckily medi-pax (introduced by mum) saves me! Pain can be resolve but maybe not hurt. I'm good, but sometimes the past haunts me and I'm f. f. scare. Things that I was busy and troubled with the other day are all fine now. But nooooo, I'm quite wrong. Here comes another shyt... srsly, I do not need to meet anyone new, I'm shutting myself from the ugly world. Take it as I'm biased (I always am if you didn't know). I do not care what the guys are thinking, even if they thinks I'm full of craps, I don't bother about their shyt. Kk goodbye.

Who is here to clear the doubts.

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