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It started and it's ending tomorrow;
Saturday, December 27, 2008
12:20 PM

She says, 'May peace prevail on earth.'
And I say, 'Love is all you need.'

Present to you the trip at Hatyai;

Photos credit to Jasmine and Jiaqi.
With Vivitar (B&W) and Fisheye (Slide)
We also brought along Robot (Normal) and Polaroid.

Hope you enjoy, :D!

P.S I don't have any photos taken with ISO1600 on 19.12 and 20.12. Screw up, sorry.

Update 30.12 12:46am/
The holiday ended, :( Usually, on the last day of holiday, I will be 'keeping' myself at home thinking of how much work I have not done and trying to 'touch' it. But this term break, I went out without bothering about the work.

On this 'sunny' Sunday, we headed to Punggol field. And I saw wild dogs!!! I was freaking scared but tried to remain cool. Before we step further in the field, we decided to use the nearby toilet, and when we came out... damnit, RAINING! It totally spoilt the mood.

So, we were thinking of where else can we go and the next minute.. we caught the bus that was heading towards Changi Airport.

Nerissa and Serena brought along their kuns, (bodohkun) and (domokun lo). I think that is what they are called, since they are introduced to me in that way, Ha! Sadly, no one gave me kun as gift. Nah never mind, I don't like kun as much as they do, I still (always) love mickey and minnie. So I happily brought along Royce and Kim. No, they are not the only mickey and minnie I have, I have more if you do not know, Hehe!

Domokun lo is wearing my cap;
Very adorablezxzx!

Kim & Royce;
My lovely love love.

Ner with her bodoh and me with Kim & Royce;

Us with Ours;

Terminal 2;

Me trying on Ner's BBF;

And that's all for the day, :D

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