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Holiday is hell lotsa fun.. more to come!;
Sunday, December 21, 2008
1:45 AM


Many were happily flying kites.
(I did not dare to try it alone, though I know it is fun!)
The guys were playing soccer.
(I actually scare of soccer ball, but will like to play it again.)
Some were helping to barbecue the food.
(I did not help to cook, but I helped to eat, yummilicious.)
Nerissa and I were snapping photos.
(And that is my hobby. To keep memories.)
We sang songs for Mervin.
(Happy birthday Mervin!)
And the next moment his face was on the cake.
(Though I don't eat much cake but I find it a waste, still it was damn cute to see Mervin getting attacked.)
Some started to play daring game, example the guy kissing the guy..
(Ohmygawd, damn funny damn gay damn disgusting!)
Next, some hid in the tent to play five ten with liquor.
(That is my favourite, 'cause I won't mind liquor as forfeit.)
Nerissa, Serena and I were craving for Mac.
(Car vs Bike! Cool.)
Back around/into the tent for story telling session.
(Lol! Their stories made me miss my secondary sch buddies.)
We packed up in the morning and cleaned up the pit.
(I see they are responsible people, ;D)
Goodbye. James, Nerissa, Serena and I took the bus together.
(I was super super tired and I fell asleep. I'm getting old and lousy. Not like those days when I can ton for nights.)
It gonna be a memorable day!
(Everything is about fun and laughter!)
And again, here I wish Mervin happy 18th birthday on the 20.12.

Pictures for the day;
(More to be uploaded if ISO1600 can work on Vivitar/if ISO 1600 can capture the light there.)


Another happy day. Kaixin and I met with, Boonyan and his friend Guowei for dinner at Jurong Point. I seldom go to the area as I stay alittle far from there. But today is different 'cause we have BoonYan to fetch us there. Crystal Jade! Good appetite. Good food. Good cost, but it was Boonyan's treat, thanks yo! I planned a surprise celebration for Kaixin. You know one person operating will not be easy so I got the help from the guys. They were cool to help me up, and I hoped my dearest sister is happy with the surprise. Also, with the present especially the box 'cause I designed it for her (but was in a rush). Dinner over and we did window shopping. The navy blue bag really caught my attention, $219 'cause it is made of leather (if I'm not wrong). Should buy or should not. The good guy fetched us back to Junction 8 and we went there to walk around since it open till 12 midnight today. Too many people (just like in Jurong Point) so I gave up on shopping. Found a nice place for photo taking. Played with my Polaroid and Vivitar. When it hit 12am, we headed home happily. Happy Birthday Kaixin sister on the 19.12.

Had exchange of presents with Boonyan and Kaixin. Hoped they like it!
(I am waiting for 26th)

Polaroid shots;
(Sorry for the bluriness. Will re-upload the shots again and also the one with Vivitar after I got it scan)

So Stay Tune, ;)


It was 4 joy meet up again! But well, I did not see it as a 4 joy meet up because there were only 11 of us (Bernie Chinjie Francis Gervase Jiaqi Jiehui Kevin Khairol Martin Weihong Wenyu) who attended the BBQ. Srsly, I'm good with it, as it does not affect our moods, we are all happy... just feel bad for Wenyu who had always been organising for us. Thank you, WY! Anyway, this is prolly the last time we are organising it, unless Sathiya is doing so. Bernie did invite us to BBQ party on the 25th night with his hilltop friends, but yeah.. I doubt I will go. Still, thank you Bernie.

Bernie, Gervase and Khairol leave early.

Me met up with Gisiang for less than a minute to pass her the fondue set. I miss my girl friends alot, meet up soon, ;)

Then, Chinjie and I were thinking so damn hard about a case that happened years ago. But sadly, even after asking around for clues, we did not crack it. GRR!

Peektures (taken after BBQ);

"There is nothing worth the wear of winning, but laughter and the love of friends."

Martin Jiehui Chinjie Jiaqi Wenyu Kevin;

With Weihong;

And Francis;

CJ buddy;

After, we went to playground and to basketball court. The other day I was listening to Mervin and his friends telling stories. And today, my friends and I were sharing with each others too. Damn b. interesting top secrets. Top of the top secrets, HAhaha. From secondary to primary and even kindergarten. Giggling from ears to ears-

They made me so excited to hear more.. backstabbing, scandals, etc.

Also I know more about situations that I never see clearly, that escaped from my ears and eyes over the years. Now, I'm facing the laptop laughing at myself.. if things are all true, how? I still have doubts, but I'm not gonna share the little little bit of hurt I'm feeling just now, over with it. I tell you my decision my regret... at the end of 2008. Now I just am wandering happily, not sadly.

"Your friend is your needs answered."

Bumped into Clement old friend. And we had a very very short conversation. Everyone is moving on to the new one.. but of course for me, I will still remember the old, the old one is always the best, yo! Old friends, if you happened to read this, I hope you all are doing well, ;D

* * *

This could be the reason...
"Friends are an integral part of your life,
but evey friend you have must live life at their own pace.
When the time comes and they must leave you,
there is no need to grieve over their parting from your life.
It is the very essence of life that it should be so.
But it hurts nonetheless and we grieve nonetheless,
but we hold them in our hearts forever.
Always cherish the joy, laughter, memories and love that
they have brought into your lives.
Always remember them with a warm smile
for what they have given you."
... why I'm back as a cheerful person.

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