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Hello holiday!
Friday, December 12, 2008
1:46 AM

HooRay, 9 weeks of sch had ended and here come the long awaited holiday. Though it is only 2 weeks but I'm glad at least I can break free from the assignments/projs, ;D! Actually no, I'm suppose to be going back to sch to do my work, but aiya.. I don't want!!! *Worry* But if I don't go back, I will suffer big time when sch reopen. Forget it, no point worrying now 'cause I'll not get started.

Well. It's the last week of sch, I had been lazing around at home. Even got myself late for lesson everyday. But the week was enjoyable, excluding Tuesday night when I gonna do rendering unwillingly.

Update 17.12 01:14pm/
I'm back to SG. But before I share with you on the Hatyai trip,

Thursday 111208,
During lesson break, we had a mini Christmas exchange party...

The design of the 'package',

Weoimin decided our presents for exchange should be presented in a nicely designed package.

Jelly pop and Domo kun,

This is the present I brought to exchange
I got Lisa's which is a notebook.

Class photos,

To end off.
This is the message of christmas "We are never alone".

After sch. Met with Khimhee and Chinjie, then headed to Junction 8 Cafe Cartel for dinner with a few 4 joyians06. Chinjie Denise Dipak Gervase Jiehui Kevin Khimhee Martin Weihong Wenyu and myself were present. Although less than half of the class were there, but at least I do feel happy. Then, we were planning for another meet up to have barbecue party on the 21th Sunday. This time round, we hope more friends will join us. But we don't carry high hope everytime we plan a meet up. Anyway, I'm still unsure how is the planning going on since I just reached SG in the morning, gonna catch up with Wenyu later on.

Friday 121208,
Lesson cancelled. Holiday Oh Holiday!

Headed to temple with mum since it is 出一十五. At the same time, me prayed for a safety trip with Jasmine and her family to Hatyai. Then, went to get my fringe trimmed. Abit too short, :(. And off I went to Golden Mile to take the bus to Hatyai...

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