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End this shyt, please.
Wednesday, December 24, 2008
1:40 AM


After a week of enjoyment (which is definitely not enough!), I was called back to sch for grp proj and it hits me that I still have more assignments/projs awaiting me to complete, holy shytzx! Holy shytzx! Actually I look forward to the promotion to year 3 in around 1 & 1/2 mths. But I do fear internship...

Anyway, I just packed plenty of tees, shorts, dresses, skirts etc for my friend and her sister. Some I still kept it, for memories... But now at least, the wardrobe is rather cleared. And I'm persuading mum to get me a new one, 'cause I'm getting more clothes. HEhe!

Crapzxzx. I've many chores awaiting me to do. But now, I'm heading to bed. Ciaos~

Update 23.12 11:55pm/

Hai hai... I got a job from 8th Jan to 18th Jan but I'm having sch.. b. sucky! 31th Dec & 1st Jan I also got a job but damn it, I have sch on the Wednesday. No $ to earn, :(

Anyway, I went to sch for less than an hour for nothing.. then went back home as I forgot to bring out the films I wanna develop. And when I reached home, I remembered my NYP card is in sch. B. forgetful!!! Luckily Lisa is in sch so I got her to keep it for me.

Met up with Chinjie, Francis, Rachel, Weihong and Wenyu for BOLTS. After the movie, Francis and Rachel leave us & the rest accompanied me to Triple D. Had Mos Burger for lunch. And we bumped into Martin at arcade, so he joined us to Cathay to meet Jiehui. Headed to Plaza Singapura, but there was nothing there to shop. So all of us when back Bishan except Chinjie and Jiehui. Back to Bishan, I met with Joshua and Minlwin for dinner. Me had Pastamania. Joshua had Long John Silver. As usual after dinner, we will go to Bubble Tea area to chill. Zengyan joined us. HAha, they are still so humorous, disturbing each others. Yey' and we did much catch up with each others. Prolly the next meet up, we should go Kbox as Joshua wants to, :)

Now, I'm very very busy and troubled. I'm many things I need to do.. but ah, where should I get started...

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