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Their joy is my will.
Monday, November 17, 2008
12:37 AM

Hay Dairies Goat Farm, on Saturday 151108

The Bachelor goat.

My group of friends.

If you are wandering why am I out at the goat farm on Saturday morning...

Obviously I'm not there just to visit the goats or rather take photos of them. I'm there with the friends & a bunch of children. In my group, they're Edward and Jesse. Their pure smile brings me a sense of happiness. And of course, their joy is my will.

I didn't have a close shot with the goat, 'cause HAha.. I'm so scared that the goat(s) will take my hair as grass and just bite it off:/ Sounds silly, but it is true they will. They even bite my friend's bag & shirt, :X

Oh ya, I tried goat milk. Ahs, my mouth became very dry after I drank a bottle. It doesn't taste good, but I still finish it up.

After the meal, my friends & I headed to Orchard. Wisma, Takashimaya and Fareast. Me, found 2 items I really like selling at Fareast. A necklack & the 'Life is Art is Life' cap.

HEhehe, I like; very like; very very like; love to chat with Jasmine.

. . .

Ahs.. NOW, I'm feeling Christmas already. Yeah' I prolly will have more gifts 'cause am exchanging with a number of friends. I love present I love surprise and I love love?.. (o.-)

But Love and I had the wit to win..

Peace out,

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