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Let these days be a past.
Saturday, November 8, 2008
2:35 PM

The days passed swiftly I can scarcely remember what went right or rather what went wrong, but I have this horrible feeling in me...

Monday, 031108
BLUES. I felt very tensed up when no one bothers but yet I bother too much. For that, I can't blame anyone 'cause I'm kan chong. No, actually not that I'm kan chong, but I screwed up the schedule thinking that Tuesday lesson resumes so I worried 'bout the project. My bad.

Anyway, the evening was filled with bits of laughter doing Rhinos assignment with friends, & for that moment I felt relieved.

Tuesday, 041108
Field trip with SID0701, Larry & Sean.

Hort Park,Alexandra Arch,Forest Walk,I felt so good being high up above looking at the views.

Insects make me itch!!!,Ner & Na & Qi,Henderson Waves,A path to mystery, On my fav bridge, 'cause I played like a retard:/

(01) I.. wanna develop my robot cam soon, gonna finish up the films fast.

After, I took the sch. bus back to sch. & met up with Kaixin for dinner & shopping at AMK. Bumped into Singyee and also Louisure while shopping.

(02) I.. wanna get the pencils & maybe pens from Artbox.

Ranted to Kaixin on the way home. She understands how I was feeling then, being so upset with grp proj, as she had that feeling of mine before. I had a very negative feeling on the sch. workload I'm having, but I reminds myself again & again I've to plan well. Still, sometimes things don't go the ways we want it to be. That night, while chatting on msn with some friends, I felt so much better to have them cheering me up, sending funny messages etc. One is I knew years ago but rarely in contact. Some are online friends I knew last year or last last year?. But of course, I won't forget Singyee my good girlfriend too. Thanks my lovely friends, much appreciated.

Wednesday, 051108
*DANGER* We've to be careful of the people around us!!!. Sometimes, it is not that we wanna be choosy but being selective should be the word.

Week 07 will be over soon, we'll get it through. Cheer up!

(03) I.. wanna watch sunrise & sunset at a beautiful place (anyone recommend?), with a close good friend who will feel happy watching with me in silent:P

Thursday, 061108
I lose my cool with 2 of my grpmates. They lack the responsibility one should hold for grp proj, & it really disappointed me 'cause I always looked upon their good works. I don't wanna argue anymore, neither do I feel sorry. Though I may be a little harsh, but I only hope they wake up. If it is a grp proj, please shows that you bothers to care, even if you don't, please don't pull the rest down. Hai, let it be over. I just hoped the project goes smoothly...

Ahhhhhs, SID0701 went into a 'fridge' for lesson. F-ing cold, & I was wearing a tee with a short pant. Chinwei as well.

(04) I.. wanna get a or maybe 2 strap(s) for my cameras.. khloelivejournal.com! But Idk which one should I choose & is it worth the prices..

Friday, 071108
After sch. Lisa & I stayed back to do proj. She, is another friend, that I shared my worries & troubles with. We even shared our alike views on certain matters. Sometimes, she does go through what I go through. But compare to her, I'm too dependent. The moment we goes into deep talk, we almost forgot 'bout our proj... HAha.

Headed to Far East to meet Gisiang. Her friends were with her too. We shopped around & yeah yeah' I pampered myself alittle with a new tee = $16 & skirt = $40. I was so happy & 'bout to fall back to the track of being a spendthrift. Till ahssss, I remember I gonna save 300 bucks for the trip to Thailand. 可是,I srsly think I need more simple tees for sch.

(05) I.. wanna get a leather made jeans/leggings.

(06) I.. wanna buy the "Art is life is art" cap.

(07) I.. wanna buy a long sleeves tee, a white one with navy blue sleeves. Maybe Design Tshirt Store Graniph has?.

(08) I.. wanna buy a new canvas shoes. Red or Navy blue or both, HAha.

The lists go on.. but the above are some of what I have been wanting to get since months ago. Sigh, no money no talk... lol!

Gisiang & I headed to Clarke Quay to meet Singyee. Burger King for dinner. Then to Drinking Place to meet with the others for drinking & singing session. Had Heiniken & Tequila Shot. Oh, the place is damn b. crowded.

Anyway, I truthfully wished that everyone of us, especially the girlfriends, can stay happy & free from worries. Happy friends:D Lovelove.

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