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Kokology is teh fun.
Saturday, November 8, 2008
5:52 PM

Last night, was reading Kokology (Game of Self-Discovery).. very interesting.

Try this... but before you start keep an open mind, say the first thing that pops into your head when answering later. "A potted plant you've been keeping on your balcony falls over the ledge it was sitting on. You run outside to survey the damage. What do you see?

1. The plant landed on the ground upright and intact.
2. The pot broke, but the plants seems to have survived the fall.
3. The pot & plant are both smashed beyond recovery.
4. For some strange reason, there is no sign of either the plant or pot."


The sheltered life of a potted plant corresponds to a hidden, guarded side of your charactor and the ways you try to keep the world from penetrating your social mask.

If you choose..

1.. You appear to be strong and confident & are always eager to demonstrate your coolness under fire. But beneath that tough facade is a person more concerned with keeping up an image than actually living it.
2.. You seem calm and unflappable to others, but the reality is you just hate to show your emotions. Those pent-up feelings within you just keep growing & growing, & no pot can hold them in forever.
3.. You seem to be soft-spoken and self-effacing, but that "natural listener" is crying out for a chance to shine center stage. You are only waiting for an opportunity to break out of the self-imposed mold that confines you.
4.. You excel at generating excitement and making others laugh, & people see you as the life of the party (even when there's no party in town). But that glib exterior hides a seriousness and even a shy side that you choose not to show the rest of the world.

SO, how true of your charactor is it?.

That's all for the day.


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