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Just face it!
Sunday, November 30, 2008
12:08 PM

Weekdays -> -> -> -> -> Weekends
Weekends -> -> Weekdays
Weekdays -> -> -> -> -> Weekends

NOT fair! In a blink of eyes, weekends are gone again.

Sigh, my weekend is no different from my weekday. The only different is the place I'm in. Weekdays.. of course I'm in sch for classes. And weekends, I'm either at home doing my individual assignment(s) or out doing grp proj(s). How pathetic my life is now, never ending assignments/projs to complete. Actually I don't dislike sch, if only the workloads are lesser.

But hai hai, if I don't do better than my previous semesters, I'll feel heartbreak and obviously that is not what I want. Who will wanna do worst than before. I'm not giving up on studies, I just need a break before I fall sick. I had missed out hours of my beauty sleep for the past few days, and I'm upset about it.

Srsly, I envy my brothers. They get to go out late in the night to chill with their friends and yet they can sleep till now in the afternoon. But for me, I need to be out soon for proj. Well. At least, the person I'm going to meet for proj later will definitely not piss me off, instead she will make me feel positive towards the proj. If not, I will go berserk.

Anyway. It is useless for me to rant, I can't escape from the reality that I need to face. So I shall just FACE IT and get ready to step out of my house.

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