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Thursday, November 27, 2008
11:26 PM

Lets scroll down this entry together as I share with you on what my pair Serena & I've been doing for Studio Project since the first week of sch

Week 01.
We're told to list out as many verbs as we can.
And from there, we had to pick 3 verbs.
We chose "stomping", "weaving" and "tearing".
Then, we had to act the verbs out.
After which, we were asked to use paper with any medias to protray the verbs.


Week 02.
Still. With the verbs, we're to use papers to come out with

This was quite a challenaging area for me.
Because we're suppose to just do it, without thinking about a story etc.

From here,
you can observe that I'm someone who really think alot.

Week 03.
Using a single material to
transforming 2D to 3D (from the lines we drawn),

We're lucky to save $ here,
as we got the materials free from industrial park.

Week 04.
When weekends are gone!

We were asked to jot down a list of materials,
and our lecturers chose "newspaper", "cloth" and "hook" for my grp.

Then, we're suppose to join each single material to an A3 size,
without using glue etcAlthough it is tough, but it is interesting 'cause we had to twist our brains and be creative.

Week 05.
Lecturers decided to bring us out for field trip Hort Park.
Grr, fun is fun,
but when we were back,
we had to build a bridge with toothpicks and glue,
which can hold 2 bricks.

Yeah, we did it, success!

After sch we stayed back to start making our armour.The armour was made to the size of Serena,
as she is smaller in size compared to me.

"Brown Ranger", that's what Serena said. LOL.

Week 06.
Out of the 3 materials,
my lecturers want us to use the newspaper to make the armour.

Parading with the armour on,

Actually, we decided not to wear it as it is too fragile.
But when I felt that Sean really hope to see it being wore,
I decided to wear it since Serena didn't want to.

The effects of wearing it is we gonna rebuild it as parts of it broke off, But anyway, we got a more unique design.

Week 07.
And the last one,

I decided to be the model wearing the armour.
I think it is a good decision as Serena learns photography,
so she should be better than me in taking photos.

Making up process,


Gosh, I don't really enjoy the processes.

I don't like the make up on, though they did it beautifully.

And worst still,
I'm not good at posing,
especially when I'm not allowed to smile with my teeth.

So everything turns out really unnatural.

But never mind, Serena did an excellent job in photoshopping the image.
Her photoshopping skill is good lah!

Much thanks,
to Singyee for lending me her dslr..
to Jasmine for helping me to continue with my another proj..
to Chinwei for touching up the make up with an unique design as well as being the lighting director..

and of course, to my pair SERENA.

And now,
we're left with powerpoint, video and presentation.

Serena, lets continue to do our best.

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Nerissa introduced me this song yest'
It is meaningful and I'm addicted to it.

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