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Friday, October 31, 2008
9:25 PM

Last Sunday 261008,
Desaru trip...
with dad, mum, youngest brother as well as my relatives & neighbours. It is a rare opportunity 'cause I don't always travel out of Singapore. Thats why, even getting out to Malaysia Desaru, I was elated. The day was quite beautiful, only that the beginning of the day was moody as younger brother decided not to go. It spoilt the mood of us, & he wasted the ticket. *Disappointed*

But anyway, I still do enjoy myself 'cause I'm free from projects for the day. HEhe.

Pictures speak...

Fruit farm,Passion fruit♥, Father & Son, Dad♥, Mum♥, If only I'm still a little girl,Myth 01, for the female if you want baby touch it.
Myth 02, for the male if you touch it meant you will have more girlfriends Water apple♥, Joy, Beach, Cousins, WE,

Back in Sg at around 11pm plus. Headed down to Boat Quay Drinking Place to meet the girlfriends & friends. I definitely did enjoy that night, 'cause we met a magician Chris. He showed us a number of tricks & even taught us 2 tricks. Practice & Presentation! Still at the end of his presentation, he reminded us not to gamble. We hung around Boat Quay for awhile & walked to Clarke Quay riverside to relax. Me, my mind, images of you!!

If I shout for your name. Will you hear me.

Dead beat, after toning for 2 nights. But still, forced myself to online for Space Curatorship project discussion. Never ending projects, D.R.E.A.D!

Stress free day!!!, but was exhausted. Never got this cheerful feeling on weekday for quite sometimes. Studio, Theatre, Changi Airport Terminal 3. Took bus 53 back with Jasmine, Nerissa, Phalla and Shufen. So happen that Eileen & Gisiang took the same bus too. HEhe, we shared alot together, especially Phalla telling us 'bout Cambodia. I was so excited, I hoped I can go Cambodia after 3rd year with my friends. Headed to Junction 8 hoping I can grab a dress ready for Sat. None of the dress caught my attention. But a pair of red canvas shoes. Sadly, no size:(

HOORAY!!! Me can go Thailand with Jasmine on the coming 2 weeks break. Though $$$ is still a problem.

Anyway after school, headed to Vivo City with Jasmine, was searching up & down for dresses. But only a $148 piece, I like. Took a long long journey home.

School ended at 6pm. Met up with Gisiang & Yvonne, went to Clarke Quay Central. Jiajun joined us to take a bus down to Far East. Me finally brought a dress at 30% discount, thanks Yvonne. Home sweet home.

Didn't get enough sleep, 'cause was making a RoBot. But am very satisfy with it. School ended early but was busy rushing here & there hoping to get things done. Now, thinking if I should get my sleep or do another RoBot. Tomorrow am going to attend Linda's wedding:D

Goodbye Peepos.

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