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Me = Failure
Friday, October 24, 2008
11:05 PM

So, today is the first day of my training at Sentosa NZN. Everything goes pretty well, but in the end, I still decided to quit. There are too much cons than pros. Firstly, my school schedule don't do me justice. Secondly, the travelling time to & fro took up to 4 hours which is a waste. Thirdly, I doubt I've the ability to be on one man operation. Ahs the list goes on, but most importanly, Money can't buy me Time, which I need it most now.

Still, there are good points too. 'Cause the moment I stood there, I felt 'away from studies'. All in my thought was, to serve them with a smile. Yes, I did it & it really do me good.

Well, actually I'm guilty for quitting the job. You know, this guy called Fransco has done alot for me. He introduced me into this job, & always has been here to rescue me. He looked upon me as someone who is hardworking, & never doubt my ability to do it. He is a new found friend, HEhe. But I've disappointed him. And yet, he said he understand my difficulties. Am glad he does, so I can quit this job with him settling the matter for me. Srsly, I do appreciate all his doings, thankfully for him.

Anyway, I'll still goes to work tomorrow at Cool Deck, as promised. So I'll get to see him, yey'.

Now, me feeling very tired, don't know if I should go down to ACTIVE to meet the usual clique. I feel like havng fresh air, actually. But to think that I've to left my house at 1pm for work tmr, grr. And the thought that I will be home at 1am after work & I need to be up at 5am to travel to Desaru, ahs!!!!!

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