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♡ Romantic party
Sunday, October 19, 2008
1:24 PM

Lately, Imma feeling the effects of lack of sleep:(

Still, Sunday is here & I'm up before 12, as I don't wanna miss visiting my grandmother. You know, my grandmother is thinner now & mum is worry. Then, if my parents see that I'm tire they'll left the house without me. So in case I just push myself out of bed just now.

But now is 1:42 & we haven't left the house, 'cause mum went out to book tickets for a Desaru trip. Desaru? I've no idea where the place is, neither do I hear 'bout this place before. HAha I sound 'nerd', but that's how true if you tell me 'bout places in other countries. Srsly I guess, my parents & brothers don't know too.

. . . . .

Anyway, back to last Thursday,
Was looking forward to after school, for chocolate fondue! x0x0.

Loving mum fetched me to Ang Mo Kio NTUC to meet up with the girls to grab our orders. After, she fetched us to the nearby bus stop & we walked to Serena's house, where we had our romantic chocolate fondue at.

Preparing the fruits etc,

Temptation, Watching 'Accuracy of Death', Leftover, Peek-o-wl, Friend doubles our joy & divides our grief,Random continuous shots...

At around 11, we sent Huiqian to AMK train station. And the rest of us went back to Serena's house, took turn to take a bath, & one by one dozed off. Me KO at around 2 plus after briefly teaching Jasmine how to make a dreamcatcher.

I was the 1st to wake up, at like 9am or earlier. So decided to do up my scheduler with a photo of reminisce. Boy, everyday I think of you. Ahs, I waited with boredom till 12 plus when they woke up. We washed up & had our junk food. I complained hungry, so after dragging awhile, we went down to had our lunch.

At around 2 plus.. home, bath, off to Raffles City Robinsons to meet HR. Shopped at Topshop as well as Trints & went to Plaza Singapura Made With Love & Spotlight.

Jasmine came over to my house. Followed by Singyee, Gisiang, Jiajun, Kelvin, Zhiming. They were playing Hotel626, scary! And Jasmine & I were doing some craft work. At around 10 plus, the girlfriends & friends went down to ACTIVE. After sending Jasmine to Bishan train station, I joined them, including Adam, Jereen, Kelvin, Melvin, Yinghui and Yvonne, at ACTIVE. On my way, I almost got banged. Dramazxzx! Jasmine was shouting, "Jiaqi got car". Lolzxzx guess, I was in really deep thought, worrying for my studies, etc...

HEhe, we decided that every friday we hang out at ACTIVE, catch up with each others. Playing cards & basketball. Definitely, I will like to. But am officially starting work coming friday, bad.

Yest' I was working for Jazz by the beach at Sentosa Cool Deck. Good voices & atmosphere, if only I'm allowed to bring along my camera, that will be soooo cool. The girls & boys working there are fun-lovin' but I felt abit leave out as they know each others for months to years. Now, am considering if I should work the next Saturday.. maybe not 'cause on the Sunday we're going to Dasaru. Btw, I'm not working at Cool Deck, just lending a helping hand. I'll be back to New Zealand Natural for training... well, now I understand working at Sentosa is troublesome 'cause the travelling hours took me up to 4 hours to & fro. GRR!

IDK, but I'm too tired to enjoy life. Every night I doze off on the sofa, regardless what I'm doing.

Now, *ciao* to visit grandmother♥


P.S Mum, I want a DS. HEhe!

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