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Honey money grrrrr!
Tuesday, October 7, 2008
9:26 PM

Bees make honey;
Me make money.

"Monotonous" describes this 6 weeks holiday 'cause out of the 6, 5 were spent on earning money. But what's worst, I got tense up when I spend unneccessary, & didn't save enough for a day. Like today, I had a hamburger for $3.85 with my $4 at 11am 'cause it was raining heavily & I was lazy to cross over the road to Cuppage to buy my meal for less than $3. Bad thing was the burger is not enough for my stomach. It's so quiet & cold in Robinsons, that made me felt real damn bored & hungry. Ah grr..

But yesterday was great.. I loosened myself and went to Downtown with the girls, for Yvonne's & Singyee's birthday celebration. Never did I expect myself to go there early with the girls 'cause everytime I'll be the last few to reach. All was good, bonding as one with them was excellent. But what's most important is that both of them did enjoy themselves. (Photos up soon, all taken with Singyee's DSLR) Still, I apologise to them for not being able to stay over for the night, as I'm working today. So I chased after No.88 bus... *hai, sigh*. Last october was a memorable month, but this wasn't 'cause I felt so lonely. Maybe this isn't a year for me, but at least be glad that my studies is way better.

All photos into slideshow:

Today, I couldn't bring myself to work. Kaixin's contract has ended on the 5th, & my manager will be away for 2 weeks for his reservice. How depressing! But it wasn't that bad as before when I regretted for extending the contract. 'Cause I saw someone unexpected, HEhe!:P But still sad to know that Ron, the manager who likes to *wink*, resigned. Now, I just hope that my next 3 days stay will be smooth, please. Though I know, I'll be damn freaking bored. Ohmygawdzxzx, during sales I complained after sales I also complain, what's up with me, HAha.

Anyway, my school schedule for this coming semester is OUT! School's starting. Monday ends at 4pm. Tuesday 6pm. Wednesday 3pm. Thursday 6pm. Friday 1pm. Tight schedule.. so should I work?, still considering. If I do, then I've to consider the $5.50 per hour job or the $50 per day job, both without commission.

Okay shall put the job matter aside, since I still have time to consider. Yey' am meeting Kaixin tomorrow evening for dinner at Thomson, how long since I last been there, missing that place abit... alright till here.

See my fellow classmates soon, missing them!xD

Before I end off..

Update 09.10 11:53pm/
Yest' was nice 'cause Kaixin came over after my work & we headed to The Roti Prata House. HEhe, we had a rather light meal & walked over to Icekimo for waffles with Tiramisu & Banana Coffee Crunch ice creams. Super yummylicious, & I enjoyed the atmosphere as much as I do, the first time I went there. Anyway, Idk why, but everytime Kaixin is around, I've so much to share with her about. The best part is not on me sharing, it is on her listening to me repeating, without complain. HEhehe, sucha best friend!:DD Love you so much, xoxo.

Whees! Tomorrow will be my last day of working at Robinsons Centrepoint. It's time I consider if I should take up part time job.. ciao*

Update 12.10 05.56pm/
Down with terrible flu.. grr, & head's spinning alittle!x(

Please, I'll be fine by the morning, to go to school. New semester, and I hope everything goes smoothly, although it'll be tougher if I'm gonna study & work. But I still have to learn to plan & manage my time well. Only thing I fear is I'll have lesser time with the friends. I hope they understand. AH SRSLY, I dread going to school.. 'cause I enjoyed two continous days, just.

101008, 111008
"There comes a time in life when you have to let go of all the pointless drama & the people who create it & surround yourself with people who make you laugh so hard that you forget the bad and focus solely on the good. After all, life is too short to be anything but happy."

;but I still miss you. *confuse*

Anyway, it's pleasing to have Yvonne & Singyee cabbing over to Centrepoint to bring me down to Thomson. But am really sorry for the trouble I caused. That night before it hit 12am, we friends (Gisiang, Hweesheng, Jiaqi, Jonathan, Kelvin, Melvin, Singyee, Yvonne, Zhiming) headed to Tong Shui Cafe. Gisiang & I planned 'bout giving Singyee a pleasant surprise on this day, but apparently we didn't have much time to do the plan as both of us are busily working. Still, I hoped she did feel this simple surprise from all of us. I guess we were all shooked when a sweet lady working there, gave her a free dessert to share among us.


Next, we stood beside the street to decide where should we head to. Drag for a moment, but was all good with Singyee & Yvonne playing around with the "bomb" joke, HAhaha. Finally decided to walk to my area to ACTIVE. And there, was where excitement started. Playing with poker cards & the loser will has to do forfeit, not those disgusting embarrassing dare, but to run around the basketball court or the ACTIVE or doing the stations at the execising area. HEhe, we're leading a healthy lifestyle, ahem* Melvin & Kelvin wanted to play basketball & so, Singyee & I went to my house to grab the ball. Excellent decision, 'cause it kept us more healthy.. HAhaha, gee. Gillman, my youngest brother, joined us for matches, for awhile. We are nocturnal people, so actively playing till the sun rises. But I actually dozed off for minutes, maybe due to busy working life lately. Still, I'm sure we all have fun, joy, laughter.. like idiots to the normal people, lol! But sadly, no one brings along camera, & it was dark for photos to be taken in the midnght.

111008, 121008
After a sleep..

Brothers & I planned to go out together, to shop for youngest brother. Gillman and I met Chunlong, Derrick, Guofan, Joanne, Stella, Wayne and Ah Long over at Far East, since I decided that we can just buy what Gillman wants from the shop Yvonne's working at. You gonna agree with me, 'cause the first sight & we chose something that he likes, 1 formal top & 2 pants. Good thing is it costs only $85.50 with Yvonne giving us the 30% discount. Thanks girl. And brother, I hoped you're happy with the buys!:D I'm glad to go out with my 3 brothers, 'cause we haven't been doing so for very long. Cherish~

Walked aimlessly around Far East to Cineleisure then Plaza Singapura, where we took photos due to boredom. Awhile later, we headed our different directions.

Me, went back to Galleria to meet Gisiang and Singyee. Oh damn, I'm under dressed, especially with slippers on. But still, I felt the comfort after leaving town to Yishun, together with Yvonne & friends, to a park for drinking. No to DRINKING! Suck okay, I fear lahzxzx, but if I lose of course I'll drink it up. It is either I play or I don't, if I play I lose I drink. HAha, stubborn!, 'cause after drinking I always feel like forcing myself to vomit. The feeling is no good anymore. Anyway, thanks Singyee & Yvonne for the care, sorry if I worried you two. Well, doubt neither of us enjoy drinking already, 'cause we prefer to be active at ACTIVE, lol!

Thats explain why we were back at ACTIVE for the night once more. This time round younger brother, Derrick joined us for basketball. We did the same activities like the previous night, with Adam, Darren and Jiajun, without Jonathan and Melvin. Was still enjoying, but wasn't as fun.

& yey' ate so much for the day lahzxzx.

Time for an appreciation, thanks to everyone mentioned above. Everyone of you mark these memorable days of my last week of holiday.

"Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light."

TMR school starts, so not cool 'cause I'm lazing around at home today. Actually I'm too lazy to go out either, 'cause am unprepare yet.

"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy."

P.S A continous post for the week 'cause everything fun seems so short.

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