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Happy shopping trip
Thursday, September 25, 2008
11:39 PM

With Jasmine's mother help, I've finally brought a wok, which my mum needed badly. And I also got an all-purpose cloth, since the last piece I brought for her was a little dirty. Beside that, I brought myself a lunchbox for school, gonna eat with less worry. HEhehe! Not to forget, without Jasmine's mother Isetan member card, I'll not be allowed to enter, neither will I get the good discount. Thanks Aunty:D! & HAhaha, I told Jasmine that I'm gonna be a good friend with her mother, as she's the shopping queen, 'cause she has member cards, WAH!

After her mother leave us alone, we had our lunch at Shaw House Pepperlunch. And crossed over to Wheelock Place for a scrapbooking shop. Grrrrr, very tempting!!! Then we went over to Far East Plaza, to grab some accessories. Other than that, nothing caught my eyes except for a belt from Ztyle, which I'm considering & a "Art is Life is Art" cap, which I'm SO gonna get it. Walked down to Tangs to look for Poketo wallet for her friend, but they don't sell it anymore. Then I brought a super cute slippers there, since mine had became wider after my brother wore it once. And initially, I wanted to get back to Coast Paragon to look for my ex-colleagues for a chat, but was too lazy. So we skipped Paragon to The Heeren. Skipped Cineleisure as I doubt there will have anything we want. And walked further down to OG. I'm really going to get the chocolate fondue, hopefully a staff from Robinsons allow me their 25%. Jasmine brought some junk food but she still couldn't find the Poketo wallet, & she felt rather sad? disappointed? worry?. I've no idea, HAha, but hope she can find it before the Saturday. Skipped Robinsons 'cause the stuffs I wanna get there doesn't have any discount. And we walked all the way to Plaza Singapura to have Swensen since I've a coupon for a free baked rice/pizza. After our dinner, we shopped for awhile & then went our different ways home...

Today is rather a fruitful day. Although I didn't get much things on my want list, but at least I brought my mum a wok, which I know she's happy about it. Hmm, I'll get as much things that she says she wants, no promise but I'll try my best.. hehe:P

Hai, tomorrow gonna go to work again. Abit sian-ed 'cause I'm having a bad running nose now, suck big time! Abit tired of work also, 'cause next 3 days still having sales, very ma fun. But the thought that my manager will be back tomorrow, make me feel happier.

Geezxzxz, I wanna be a shopping queen, lol!:D

& ohmygawd, that Sengjueh is way too lame, going to be like Yinle soon.. haha, browse his blog http://lsjp-l.blogspot.com/ on the horrifying F1 accident. You sure laugh 'bout it.

Alright bye!

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