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Working life
Thursday, September 4, 2008
10:51 AM

I can't believe it is the start of September already! How time flies!

4 months more to a new year. I'm quite looking forward to it, to make my new year resolutions.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Anyway the last day of August, I joined the girls & their friends to Halobar. Drank quite abit, but was perfectly fine. Supposed to go home early, as I would be starting work the next day, but I promised Singyee to stay out & slack awhile. Heart to heart chat with Singyee... 不知不觉, it is 4am plus. Therefore, decided to go to her place to stay over. I couldn't get myself to sleep. Maybe I can't adapt to the place. Just like the first time when I overnight at her place, I neither have a good sleep, I felt damn cold. But it is worst over at Yvonne's place, it is bloody cold. Hahaha. I guess, if they stay over at my place, they'll sure complain HOT, 'cause I only have fan in my room. Ohwell, I still sleep well over at my grandmother's & one other friend's place.

Only got a proper 15 minutes of wink & off I went home to change to meet Kaixin for work...

First day of work.. and I ranted about the long tiring hours with heels on. But I was glad when I felt the friendliness from the staffs as well as the manager. After work, Kaixin & I headed to Bishan for bubble tea. That slowpoke her, didn't press the bell fast enough & we missed the stop, so we've to walk the way to Junction 8.

Second day of work.. my foot don't hurt as much 'cause I didn't wear heels, & I'm not going to wear for work again. But no Kaixin to accompany me to go work & go home from work. As we're working different shift. So through this working period, I've to eat alone, thats so lonely.

Third day of work.. FULL shift. Sian sian sian, 'cause the staffs are too helpful, they don't need me to assist the customers, they just want me to stand at the same spot & be the cashier. Ahs! No, I'm not complaining about it, it is a good thing, 'cause I know NOTHING about cookware/kitchen prep. After the evening, the manager came back from his training & there.. we giggled among ourselves. So much of jokes with the staffs & boss.

Lawrence is the manager, a humorous person. He's always smiling even when he got complains about the products etc. He is well liked by the staffs & promoters in the department as he never get angry before & is understanding & helpful. SUPER NICE BOSS!!! And the stuffs, Almira, Arturo, Josephine, Michael, Ranquel, Ruby & Serene should be good too, I guess. Hehehe.

I like working with them, but the long hours are tiring for my poor legs:(

Okay, Kaixin & I going to meet Khimhee to East Coast for cycling now.. goodbye peeps.

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