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Too many tasks; too little time
Sunday, September 14, 2008
8:40 PM

Update 17.09 12:05am/
Hurhur! Someone misses me, for not blogging, for quite sometimes. And I'm really touched 'cause it is KAIXIN! The dearest who I meet most of the days as we work under one roof. My best sister forever. She's an excellent friend!!! 'cause she is here & there, everywhere for me.

So let me update "alittle"... a long entry!

In the afternoon, I joined Madelyn's friends to Mercy Relief. HEYHEY, you must be wandering what is Mercy Relief...? Read this, "We do not have to know the victims to understand the anguish of a man who has lost a wife, a mother who lost her sons, a child who has been orphaned or a family still searching for missing members, hoping against hope that they are safe. We all have our own families, and we know what our families mean to us." Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, 9 January 2005. Or click http://www.mercyrelief.org/ & you will find out.

After, I had dinner with them and later the day I headed to Ang Mo Kio to meet the girls & the friends to celebrate mid-autumn festival. Before I see them, I sent the film for printing & shopped around in hub. Actually I didn't shop around, I only went to 2 of the shops, my favourite. And alamak, I spent quite abit.. but never mind, I think I deserve abit of spending, since I haven't been buying anything lately. So now, I've something new for school next semester, the scrapbook tumbler; pencil case; notebook; scheduler.. hooray hooray! I STILL HAVE LIST OF ITEMS I WANNA GET, but I'm poor, almost hit being penniless:( Kua kua~

Anyway, that night was wonderful.. peektures down.

Friendship is just a word, but my girlfriends give it a meaning(:

Hit the bed at 3am. And woke up at 8am for work. Dead beat but still managed to survive till the closing time. Especially happy when I received a text from mummy wishing me happy Mid-autumn. But but... I had a tiff with her when I reached home, 'cause of dinner matter. You see.. a hungry girl is an angry girl. So I picked a quarrel with her. And got out of the house, as I was rushing to collect the photos. *Teared* on the bus. Anyway, out of 36 shots, I've 16 that is printed as those are the clear one. Next time round I'm getting the indoor film instead.

Of 365 days, why must this night be so sad.

When the moon up above shows.
The roundest of it.
Shone the brighter.

I remember,
I've yet to find an answer to your question.

Anyway, nothing bad happened, but just.. hai.
I'm FULL of worries.
Disturbing thoughts.
:( :( :(

Someone saves me.. grr!

~When the sun shines tomorrow.
It will be a better day for me. I hope.

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New staff, Azfar. He is from NYP too, same as me. And is currently serving his attachment in Robinsons. At least I've 1 more person to talk to when I'm bored. But if he continue to complain he is bored, I will end up feeling the same. Lol! Yey' today get to have my meal with Kaixin, it is a happy thing to get to see her before work/during meals/after work. 'cause I can immediately share with her the happening everyday & she can share with me too. Hehe. Had a nice short conversation with the staff, Almira. And we giggled so loudly, forgetting that the office is next to us. Although she may be at bad mood sometimes & get impatient easily, but after all she's friendly. Ah ah, I miss my manager.. gee!

160908, a few hours ago.
BAD day. Bad bad bad day. I argued with the staff. She is a nagger & is super very very petty! Yes, & I began to dislike working with her. Very much!!! I know many of the staffs don't like working with her. Aiya, their "internal wars".. I just don't bother. But she's getting out of my nerve.. never mind. Not gonna rant again since I ranted about it to Kaixin & am feeling so much better now.

I don't like to quarrel, 'cause I'll tear for sure. I don't like shouting back, it's rude. But when I feel being bully, I'll not respect the person. Now, I'm reconsidering if I should extend the contract for another week, 'cause I hate living silently in misery.

Okay okay, it's 02:30am. I know I took a long time to type, 'cause I'm tired. Sian-ed. 'cause I still have list of things to do. Insufficient time!!!!! I wanna draw lah! x( I wanna do this & that... grr!

Oh ya oh ya, I got my results. I think I did improve. Hope so. But due to the poor grade in year 1, sigh... super regret 'cause I didn't know that the gpa is a combine of year 1 to year 3. But I haven't hit my target gpa. Sad:(

Anyway, am meeting Jasmine and Serena to Ikea later in the afternoon, then at night for bak kut teh with Kaixin:D! Goodbye peeps.

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