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Happy Birthday Mum!
Tuesday, September 9, 2008
2:30 AM

Dearest Mum,

With love xoxo,

Update 09.09 10:00pm/
Yesterday after work hang out with Singyee, Yvonne & friends at Ang Mo Kio for supper & chit chatting. Haven't been catching up with the girls recently, but still may they be well & happy:D Hai abit sian-ed.. 'cause of work, I won't have much time to meet up with the friends. I really have to find some time to catch up with some of them... no, I meant MUST. Aiya, I don't have a choice to choose if I should work or not. I even thinking of working when school reopens. Well, if you know, I never get cash from my parents for shopping or any extra expenses. That meant everything on me is pay by myself. They can afford my education, meals & transport only but I'm happy enough. To be true, I'm aiming to earn as much as I can, before I hit 33. So how much is much?!!! Jialat, money makes me insane. LOL.....!

So today I was at ACTIVE with Derrick and friends playing volleyball, & chit chatting. They're humorous & lively, being with them is a joy. I wanna dig out more time for volleyball, etc. ACTIVE will soon be a place I hang out at, if there is them around. But anyway, we still meet new people through friendly matches. I love doing sports, but am really very weak lately.. alright working tomorrow gonna bath now & get to bed.

Sian-ed, suddenly remember manager will not be around for the next 2 weeks. I sure miss his presence. Don't get me wrong. If you work with a happy manager, you will sure like working with him, don't you. Hehe. And if he is around, no one bully me, 'cause we're the Tan family & he will take care of me. I don't meant that I got bully by the staffs lah, everyone there are nice, just that without boss then not much jokes:/

Good night friends.

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