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"Busy me"
Monday, September 29, 2008
1:22 AM

...I could barely remember what was in my thought 'cause I was BZ-ly working. And I didn't get to enjoy my bus ride home, as I've been taking the train instead, to avoid the delay, due to F1.

Anyway, last 3 days were "shit". Card Member Days! In another words, it was the sales period, so of course it was busier than usual. So busy till the promoters there don't get to see me on the sales floor chit chatting with them. Well, I'm perfectly fine if I was busy with cashiering, at least this makes me feel 'time flies'. But aiyo, damn NO. The customers are very demanding. They wants you to serve them the best but they don't want to wait. *Scream* Slice me into pieces!!! They've been pampered, the customers had been coming back with dozen of unreasonable & nonsensical reasons just to do a exchange/refund. Worst, they lied & twisted stories just to cover up & blamed the receipt for not being clear & pinpointed the staffs (us) for nothing. Luckily for the problem I was in, there's CCTV to evidence my innocence, phew! They're brainless, HAha. Never mind, they're being very shrewd also! WAH WAH, I can't imagine how "dirty" this world has become. *sigh*, shake head-

Arghs, what's with the ranting.. grr, shall stop! If they happen to read this, they'll sure complain. Yes, talking 'bout complain. That's what they like to do. Okay, I just feeling pitiful for them.

Well, I still was pleased over certain matters. Firstly, manager is back from his honeymoon, hurhur. But sadly, he's going for his reservice on the last week of my work days which I agreed to extend. Bad bad. HAhaha, he said I getting naughty (guai lan).. lol! & & he brought each of us Darell Lea Rocklea Road white chocolate, peanuts & fluffy marshmellow, super nice sio!! Secondly, manager allowed me to use his card for 25% discount on any items I want. But too bad, I don't have much cash to spend if not I'll buy more. Thirdly, yey-ness!!!, 'cause Na's paying for the fondue for me. Thanks ♡, HEhehe. Am really excited over when will I've the romantic party...

Hmm... ohya, Kaixin & I gonna chase after our pays, lol! Loanshark ah.

Sian-ed. U n c e r t a i n t y!:/ Don't feel like typing......... till then.

;0 Don't blame me for such wordy posts lately 'cause my life now is MONO.

P.S Kor, get well soon.

Update 29.09 11:59pm/
This is my first piece for my tumbler, it's my family & I:D


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