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We're friends & together we share our happiness and sadness
Thursday, August 14, 2008
4:44 AM

Family, relationship, friendship, work, studies, money, etc... Any one of these can be a reason why human being feels depressed, and can't get to sleep at night. At my age, I think relationship, friendship and studies are the common reasons. Because I've been hearing these from friends.

As for me, family is not something I've to worry about yet because my mum will take care of this family and I trust that she'll continue to do her best. Neither am I worry about work and money. I'm studying now and I think it is only appropriate for me to concentrate on my studies and not think of working to earn more $$$. But of course, I won't mind taking up temporary job during the holiday.

So what about relationship, friendship and studies...

Relationship.. haha. It's not time to talk about it yet because I'm still immature towards it. I'm not denying that I'm still in love with my past relationship, but I can say I have already understand that relationship is a big commitment for each individual. And I'm not ready to do so.

Friendship. I've learnt to be smarter towards friendship. Everyone should know friends come and go, leaving the memories as their footsteps. Over the years, my friends had taught me alot in their actions. We have happy times together and in just one night, I can lose them. But I'm totally fine with such thing now. It is not that I don't treasure my friends as much as I used to. But I learnt to be independent and not rely on friends.

Studies is the major worry I've. Because I promised that I'll concentrate on my studies and not think of withdrawing. I told my parents I'll not let them down. And of course, I want a better future ahead to be waiting for me. Haha!

Anyway, I just wanna let my friends know.. I'll be there for them when they need someone, as much as I hoped someone will be here when I need him/her.

To dearest Vonne. Although I don't know what/who made you so upset, but I hoped you feel better with the hugs and comfort that I gave. If crying and screaming make you feel better, do go ahead, and not keep it all in the heart. Remember we must be happy<3

To Nerissa. If the heart to heart chat makes you feel better, I won't mind staying out every night to listen to you as well as share our problems together. I really hoped you can stay away from all the stressful problem and keep smiling(:

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