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My first time at West Coast
Sunday, August 10, 2008
2:27 AM

09.08, A day out at West Coast...

I never planned to join my family for fishing, because I was urged to look for the precious. But after second thought, I did. Because I wanna see my family & I in closer term:D And I wanna take a look at West area.

It is my first time at West Coast Park. I don't remember going there before. Anyway, I really love that place. There are plenty of playgrounds there and many activities going on, like frisbee, fishing, soccer etc. It is also a place families get together and friends hang out together.

As for my family, we went there for picnic and fishing. Haha, but in the end.. we gathered together to gamble, lolzxzx. So we didn't catch any fish lah, no luck. But we do have fun together.

Yey' I won't deny that I enjoyed myself as much. I kept away my sadness, and smile whenever I'm with them. That doesn't meant they didn't realise I was sad, but I changed the topic when they asked. I don't wish anyone to ask, because I'll drop tears. Not that I don't wish to share, but because I find it hard to speak out. If I feel like sharing, I will.

Then, I went out to meet Jiahui & Bobby. I haven't see Bobby for a year & he is becoming skinnier. We had dinner at one of my favourite outlet at TPY. I had it twice this week, hehe. And we headed to Marina Square. Ahs, initially we wanna watch fireworks, but before we got there, the celebration was over:( So we walked aimlessly and went back to TPY. Anyway, I still had the fun with them.


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