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My bad
Tuesday, August 5, 2008
11:35 AM

Yesterday was the submission of 3 A2 presentation boards (Pboards) & 1 A2 technical drawing board.. I did it all before 5pm (Zalina's usual submission timing)!:D Hooray.

Before I leave my house, I was very extremely upset.. because I lost the friendship band Yvonne gave me. Ughs, I love the design and colors combination. :( :( :(!!!

Haha, my mum actually helped me to pack my final model into a pillow casing bag. That's the only bag in my house that can fit my model. So strangers are staring at the bag and I was really irritated by them... they stared at it "like" there is a human body/explosive weapon, grrrr. Anyway, I sincerely wanna thank my mum for being a caring, understanding & helpful one, thoughout the period I was striving hard to complete my work, she has been listening to my ranking and also helping me with every little things she couldD:

The printing took up to an hour, but I gonna enjoy my favourite dessert with Hayati & Nerissa. Hehe! We, including Mervin, took a cab to school. But still, a big thank to Nerissa for helping me to carry the boards. Boards up, model up, design development submitted & now I leave with report & powerpoint (ppt). My bad for the boards layout (border, zzz) and spelling mistakes (techonics, haha!), but my good for the effort put in. Good luck to me, I gonna rush it all by today as submission is tomorrow. After everything, I went shopping with Nerissa & Madelyn. But i guess we spent much of the time gossipping about our family problems.. hahaha! And the only thing I was disappointed is Topshop at Wisma cheated our feelings. The email stated that there will be a moving out sale till 10.08, but when we're there.. it had already moved out!!! Lolzxzx. Still I love hanging out with them, holiday!!! :D :D :D

I was searching high & low for the friendship band, but still hai.. sorry, Yvonne. We shall get one more, the 5 of us.

I had a good sleep last night, other than having hi-bye friends in my weird dream. But that happens in the past few days too, so there is nothing much to bother.

Okay.. time to start work!!! I'll do my best and get it done.. I must be prepared for my presentation this Thursday/Friday.


Update 06.08 05:50am/
I'm done with my report & ppt.., like finally. Because I always got carry away when I start to do my work online. Haha anyway big hooray, gonna prepare for presentation soon, but not now. Because I'm dead beat. Till then:D

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