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Oh silly-ly.
Friday, August 15, 2008
4:00 PM

Initially, I put today aside for spring cleaning. But hehe, I ended up doing SCRAPBOOKING (at the left). Serena, is it lovely?:P And of course I won't forget to thank my elder brother, as he cleaned up the room. One less task for me this holiday, woohoo! And & ahs, I'm really glad because the Mickey display popped out, when he was tidying the drawers. Haha!

Suddenly, I felt so silly for crying over the book & Mickey display for days. And here they are beside me now. It is weird, when I cried so badly for them, they don't pop out and when I decided to forget about them, they popped out. Sometimes, life is like that too. When you want someone so badly, he/she isn't here for you. And when you decided to forget/ give up, they came back with the caring heart. Well, will he. Anyway, talking about how silly I am, I remembered that Wednesday at Halobar.. Singyee acted like a toilet bowl & asked Yinghui and I to throw out our sadness in it then flush it away. She is excellent at making us feel happy. Well anyway, I didn't throw any sadness, because I'm happy then. But I asked her if I can make a wish instead. So she acted like a wishing well and I made a sincere wish looking at the beautiful moon up above. Okay, sounds so silly right.. but still Singyee is right, if you never try, you never know. Yey' no harm trying. Still thanks to her, I felt better that night.

Alright, I'm going out to meet the girlfriends for dinner. Ciaociao.

Update 17.08 04:21am/
Dinner out with the girls.. & 'Laugh Out Loud' describe the night. Hahahaha!



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