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Wednesday, August 13, 2008
8:30 PM

Update of photos on 15.08 01:23am/

A very belated birthday gift & card for Jasmine... whose birthday was on the 01.08.

Monday, Serena & I tried to fool her. I gave her the card with Oreo cookies. And if I remember correctly, she went "Why gives me Oreo, I everyday eat Oreo". Haha, then Serena surprised her with the Cookie Museum berry lite cookies. I'm sure she loves it as that is what she wanted.

I love those cookies from Cookie Museum too. Everyone should go try it.. teh nice! If your friend's birthday is around the corner and you don't know what to get for him/her, why not get this. There's a lot of favors. And although it is not cheap, costs around $32 to $35 for a box, but it is worth. Still you've to make sure your friend loves cookies and you've to know what favourite he/she will like. Hehe.

Tuesday, is a happy day. I went out with the girlfriends, Singyee & co. And we took plenty of photos with Singyee's phone & my new camera, Vivitar Ultra. Yey' my Vivitar is lightweight & easy to use. But the photos will have to wait till I develop them. I hope the photos turn out nicely. But anyway, there're photos to show now!

I've to admit my memory is falling. I can hardly remember what we did that day, other than shopping, eating & taking photos. Therefore, the photos shall speak..

Inside Esplanade link:

I always love to let go the balloon I hold.

Their immeasureable love.

Outside Esplanade:

Rar, Singapore.

Going back to Marina Square for Myphosis:

I have fun posing with them(:

At Suntec Wealth Fountain:

Can you see that "Love is the message".

At Suntec Gelare:

Magnum said mischief is my middle name.

I'm looking forward to more fun with them this holiday. Xoxo.

Today Wednesday.. I'm really happy to know that mum has found the book. Mummy mummy, can I tell you that, what meant to be mine will be mine again. Nahz, kidding, I know it is impossible. After school, Serena, Jasmine, Shufen and I headed to Junction8.

Now I'm ciao-ing to meet the girlfriends at Halobar. Goodbye.

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