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Girl friend's birthday. Back to secondary school. Sakae sushi buffet.
Saturday, August 30, 2008
1:14 AM

Lunch at Marina Square food court, with Kaixin. I'm too lazy to shop as I wore the Myposis overall, 很麻烦. So we leave MS, and headed to City Hall to get the polaroid from Jasmine. Then up to Raffles City to sign job contract, thats the purpose why Kaixin and I were there. Hmm, I'm starting work on 1st Sept, & hopefully I can get off on the 5th & the 13th as I've planning for the days. As usual, we will go down to the basement to grab something to eat. Not donuts this time, but yoghurt. 'Cause Kaixin eat donuts like a dirty kitten.. hahaha! Shall not tease her:/ When back to Bishan, our home, walked around. Then has Derrick to help me bring home my laptop as I decided not to do the Furniture design competition, rebel. Somemore I'm not feeling well since the morning, having bad running nose & flu, suck. I looked damn pale.

After that, bused to Gisiang's chalet at Downtown. This long trip.. have plenty of nonsensical thoughts in mind. When I reached, many people are there already.. but ehs, I'm not so close with them, other than the girls. Only saw before the others for once or a few times only. Grabbed some food then watched teevee & played PSP..... waiting for the next hour.

Tick tick tick, 12am!

Singyee & Yvonne planned for everything. The balloons, the party hats, the 'donut' cake, the rekindle candle, the present.. etc. And I really think they did a wonderful surprise for Gisiang.

Then we deflated the balloons 'boom boom boom', damn loud. And started to play games.. grr, I dare not play again. 'Cause I've to admit I'm not daring enough to do the forfeits. Phew, lucky my forfeit for the day only lick the wall, but very stupid lah. Lmao.

At around 3am, went to take a cab home. Thanks Gisiang, Jonathan & Singyee for sponsoring me the cab fare. I'm damn broke lah, thats why have to work this holiday, no choice. Reached home, hit straight on the sofa & fell asleep. Dead beat, prolly due to my bad running nose & flu which lead to slight headache.

In the afternoon, went to secondary school with Chinjie, Jiehui and Martin as it will be Teacher Day on the coming Monday. But I'm clueless which teacher/s can I talk to, as my favourite teacher Miss Liao has transferred to another school. And Mr Leong retired. Hehe, I felt good when the juniors still remember me. Hmm, bumped into Denise and Zhongyang at the Design & Technology corridor. Chatted together, with Mr Chua. He said "Jiaqi, not floating around already" Me blur:/ Lolzxzx! Oh great, I've no answer to his questions other than questions regarding my studies. Slacked there for about an hour?. And walked around the school. Met alot of familiar faces:)

Then headed to Plaza Singapura. Wa wa, I watched Chinjie played the basketball at arcade, super pro can. Spot the difference. At 3pm, Sakae Sushi buffet.. hehe. Then Wenyu joined us. He hor.. did all the planning & ended up late for everything. Lol, but never mind, I'm still happy because it is his treat for my belated belated birthday, he promised. Glad he remembered. I know Jonah also remembered as he texted me, but oh well, I'm not free during and after the projects & competitions as I'm starting work soon. Jiehui went off after eating then we hang around for awhile then went back to home.

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