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Happy yet teared :')
Wednesday, August 20, 2008
12:58 AM

Update on 21.08 11:40pm/
& now that I've the time I shall speak more about this week.
Recalling.. *Scratch head*

Actually there is nothing much for the week, because I've been wasting my time in school for SG Mint competition.. which sucks BIG BIG times. But anyway, it'll be over soon, though there is furniture design competition next week.

Monday! Is heck lotsa fun. Because we gonna go out as a group, which I always hoped for. The first time we hang out together is way back in February, to Sentosa. This time, we went to Haji Lane for sheesha activity. Yes, sheeshaaa!! No, my purpose to go there wasn't to sheesha, but to bond with the friends and to snap more photos with them with the different cameras we brought. I always enjoy hanging out in group, seeing everyone enjoying each others company. That doesn't meant I don't like one to one company.. haha! But hmm *thinking*, I'm not gonna deny. I did try a puff of mint & a few puff of bubble gum... bubble gum was much better than mint, because I don't like mint. Lol! Still, I felt soooo guilty & sorry for trying.. hai hai. I shouldn't have try it.. sigh. Sorry. Anyway, Shufen knowing my heart condition did stop me from trying.. appreciated. Well, we played Monopoly, which I haven't been playing for years. I was really high and happy at the beginning, but I got bored after awhile. You see.. games like Monopoly takes patient, time and maybe tactics. Therefore, it don't turn out as fun when people like Shufen and I played it too seriously.. lol. But well, not our faults either. Like James said, it is the choice of game... if we were playing Jenga True or Dare or some other games, it will be more active. But anyway, I do enjoy the day & I hoped the others enjoyed too. Of course, much thanks to Nerissa as well as Wan. Hehe. Oh yay' not to forget, the food there is awesome. So here are the many many photos taken (am too lazy to select):

Friends in the photos:
(SID) Huiqian, James, Jannah, Jasmine, Jiaqi, Mervin, Nerissa, Serena, Shufen
(Others) Wan (from ID), Jason (Jannah's friend), Danny & unknown (Mervin's friends)


So that night, after we headed our different directions home, I was once again alone. Did self-reflection.. and one word "guiltiness". There I realised, whenever I am down and alone, there are certain things I will do. And so... sooooo... teared.

She has a lot to say. But she feels really guilty.
She is sorry. Though she knows it doesn't bother the one but herself.
She hopes for forgiveness, but there's no way she can ask. Only to forgive herself.
:') :') :')

Tuesday sucks. Serena and I wasted our time in school library the afternoon and we still couldn't come out with anything. Yeah' and Huiqian got a job for me this Friday. At least can tahan alittle for next week spending. You see, I have a friend's birthday on the 25th then the next day will be my brother's birthday and on the 29th is girl friend Gisiang's birthday. Then I gonna go down to her chalet & barbecue on the 28th. That why I'm saving for this week..

Wednesday was in school again for SG Mint. Designs were being rejected again & again, really irritating. After school, has Jasmine to accompany me to Marina Square to look around. Spotted a shirt as a gift for my brother, but there isn't size M. So going over to Vivo City tomorrow to get it. Since I will be meeting there to go work, so it shouldn't be a waste of time.. phew. Yeah' and I brought a novel "Number Ten", should last me for this holiday... I read super super slow one loh, hahaha! Then at night, Serena and I was rushing to come out with an idea for SG Mint... sianed.

Today, well.. all I hoped was that SG Mint is over. Monday monday.

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