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Good friends remain in my heart
Saturday, August 9, 2008
3:36 AM

Hehe. I spent most of my time with Jasmine yesterday. Messaging, msning, printing, going back to school, etc. She was restless, maybe due to the lack of sleep or because she was worried for her presentation. Anyway, when I saw her I felt as if I haven't seen her for a month. In fact, it is only a week and I kinda miss her. Lolzxzx.

Yey' and I gave Hayati a handphone strap. Of course it's printed with Minnie Mouse. As she loves Mickey & Minnie, as much as I do. Anyway, I do enjoy spending time chatting with her about our personal lifes. And I really hope that we remain good friends after the polytechnic years.

Then, later in the evening, went for SU social meeting. It was really fun at the start having ice-breaker games like always, but I got bored when it's coming to the end. Still overall, I love SU:D

After which, had dinner with Kaixin, and as usual she'll has to listen to my unhappiness. Sometimes or usually, I tend to repeat the things I said & felt, but there is never once she stops me from saying it again. She'll just listen to me & encourage me as much. Although she knows, I never listen much to others but myself. I feel fortunate to have her as a friend, not just a normal friend, but a really good sister. She is the one I can face and let myself out. Knowing that she's willing to lend me her shoulder to lean on and her ears to listen. Not to forget Khimhee. We miss you sister!!!

Anyway, I just came home from watching movie 'Money Not Enough 2', with Singyee & girls. It was starred by Jack Neo, Mark Lee, Henry Thia. What can I say, typical Jack Neo production. But as a typical Singaporean myself, I do more or less enjoy the film. What I loved most: The great acting by Henry Thia and Lai Ming. Henry's acting is always relaxing and natural. Lai Ming acted greatly. I find her really cute. What I really hated: The sponsors laden scenes such as Mitshibish air con. The part that touched me: The scene when Henry was sending his mother to Old Folk Home... *I teared. The part that I like most: The scene when Lai Ming is disturbing Mark's sleep, because she can't find her red bras with Mickey Mouse printed.. Rating: 2.5/5

And before I end this entry, Happy National Day to SINGAPORE!:D Hoped every Singaporeans enjoy themselves and love Singapore. Hahaha!

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