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Never fall for it again
Monday, July 21, 2008
1:37 AM

Holy shyt, my weekends is gone. And I've 7 days more for Studio Project submission. I doubt I can do it. -Shake head, self-disappointment. But I promise to be a good girl for the next 16 days. And please, I don't wanna cry for school work. I will regret if I will to give up at this point of time. No way to withdrawing from school. NO WAY!

How could I possibly enjoy shopping, drinking & singing when I've a truckload of school works to complete. I cannot go on with my life this way, I cannot. I will ruin my school works, and I don't want it to happen. Can someone remind & encourage me alittle. Please.

Sometimes I just wander.. why can a person like me remains strong on the look yet weak inside. Isn't it tough to keep everything to myself & no one else. Maybe I've lost faith in everyone including myself. But this life is getting on for a brighter tomorrow.

Something brightens my day. I've got a backpack.. *finally. It's a birthday gift from the girls, thanks! Rars~ :D

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